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Yoo!  What's up guys.  My name is Derrick and I'm a visual artist and content creator based in Phoenix, Arizona.  My love for adventure and creativity has driven me toward curating content and learning about others.

We all love our hobbies.  Sometimes more than the daily work we may do.  Whether it's in photography, marketing, graphic design or videography, I believe it's important we all explore ways to make income doing the things we are passionate about.  I'm here to help you discover ways to make money doing what you love.

My work has given me the opportunity to create all around the world.  I've had the pleasure of capturing everything from entrepreneurs, executives, models and athletes to cityscapes, landscapes, food, beverage and real estate.

In 6 years, I've been able to work with amazing businesses & brands like Facebook, Airbnb, DoYouEven, Stillhouse, Ease, & Sylvester McNutt III.

I am also the Creative Director and Owner of, BrainFitted Media, a media production house that focuses on photography & videography content for corporate events and commercials.  

I've also built a strong social media presence with all my channels totaling in at around 25K followers.  Traveling global has given me to opportunity to do work in countries like Peru, London, the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan and North America.

Video by Elizabeth Sam at www.parkway-media.com

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