About Derrick

Derrick is a high-level visual artist and content creator based in Phoenix, Arizona.  His love for adventure and creativity has driven his purpose for content curation and learning about others. His work has been seen all around the world in eight years of his service. His work is focused towards commercial, corporate, fashion, travel & lifestyle media. Derrick’s lens has captured models, athletes, entrepreneurs, restaurant food & beverage, landscapes and real estate properties.

While studying Administration Management, Marketing, Accounting and Business at Missouri State he started his first digital media company his Senior Year. 

8 years later and now he’s shot for brands like Facebook, DoYouEven, Stillhouse, Ease (Milwaukee), Sylvester McNutt III, and many small-mid size businesses. 

He is also the creator and owner of the production company BrainFitted Media, a media production house that focuses on photo & video content for corporate commercials, events & conventions.  Derrick has also partnered with the ad agency MyaKai Creative, focusing on creating digital & print advertising campaigns for businesses.

Derrick has built a strong social media presence with all his channels totaling in at 25K followers.  Derrick is cultured and experienced with global work in the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan and the United States of America.

Video by Elizabeth Sam at www.parkway-media.com

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